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QBitsMR Founded in 2021, We focus on providing accurate data together with the companies we serve by measuring across all channels and platform.

How QBitsMR Work ?

  • QBitsMR Study, Market conditions to examine potential sales of a product or service by conducting surveys, interviews, focusing on groups, and customer observation, then we gather and analyse data on consumers and competitors.
  • We have been versatile in our thoughts. Our work is admired beyond the geographical boundaries. We help clients understand people and inspire their growth, through collecting data digitally and share our insights in real time at scale and at speed.
  • Our Network of Qualified Research analyst ensures that clients receive the best possible data, implementation and support.


Our Expertise

Consumer Behaviour and Marketing 95%
Survey Research and Questionnaire design 87%
Data Processing, Tabulation and data management 100%
Business development and Management 93%
Qualitative methods 95%
Descriptive statistics 85%
Multivariate analysis, including data mining methods 95%
Reporting and presentation skills 98%


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Brand Awareness Research, By this research service clients can measure the target market's awareness of their brand. By also capturing key demographic data, the survey enables detailed analysis of how consumers view their brand, how it can be improved and its positioning among target audiences.

Our research helps to see how well their strategies and marketing investments are paying off.


We work with the clients to gather qualitative and quantitative data systematically to record and analyze it about issues relating to marketing products and services.

The goal is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impacts customer behavior. We'll give you quick and accurate insights into what people think about your products or services and will be able to identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses as well as a course of action.


A satisfaction survey is a series that we provide employees to answer about how they feel or how was their experience in their job, work environment, and culture.

Their insights can provide specific recommendations that will help improve the company. Data can point out areas that might need improvement and will help you visualize where additional training or guidance is needed.


Our company will offer a wide range of research service which help our clients to assess how satisfied their consumer are with different aspects of their product/service Our data will help in identifying unhappy customers as important as identifying extremely happy ones and measuring the satisfaction and tackling any negative input, will reduce the voicing of negative feedback in more public spaces like social media channels & fora.


We have a professional research team for this industry who can help to tackle issues and collect data by conducting a various survey from a career specialist, medical planners, patients, senior doctors, and medical technicians and it will allow healthcare providers to learn if they are meeting the expectations of their patients or if they are lacking in any area.


Our company will collect the data with the help of a senior research analyst to assesses satisfaction with the IT services provided, gathers feedback on IT products used, and measure trends and attitudes toward new technology. This can be very helpful for developers to understand the needs of consumers.


This would help to know clients about their events by questioning objective and actionable feedback from the event attendees and give the audience an outlet to interact with their brand.


We help businesses all over, irrespective of their industry to figure out how competitors perform in several key categories of their business when compared to you.


If you have a market research survey requirement that isn’t covered, why not speak to our friendly team? We are confident our professional marketing research team can work for you.


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